Out of State Clients and Ancillary Succession
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When you aren’t in Louisiana, we are here for you.

When a loved one passes away while domiciled in Louisiana, but you live out of state, what do you do? Not to worry, at Field Law we have helped clients from around the country and even from across the globe settle estates in Louisiana. Most of the time, everything can be handled electronically, over the phone and through the mail.

In fact, we have assisted clients with estates across Louisiana from Shreveport to New Orleans and from Rayne to Vidalia. From our office in Baton Rouge, we are able to assist you no matter what parish the decedent lived and no matter what state you live in.

Most of our out of state clients never have to step foot in Louisiana to handle the succession. Besides gathering and disbursing the decedent’s personal property, most everything can be handled remotely. We can recommend realtors to sell property and can help arrange for the sale or transfer of the decedent’s cars or boats.

We use technology to ensure that your case progresses without requiring you to stop everything and make a trip to Louisiana. Don’t settle for less from your Louisiana succession attorney.

Ancillary Succession

When a loved one passes away while domiciled outside of Louisiana but owning immovable property – real property or land – in Louisiana, an ancillary succession is required. In other states this is called ancillary probate.

All of the same procedure types for regular successions are available for ancillary successions – even cost saving small successions.

We have helped clients from across the country file ancillary successions to transfer or sell land in Louisiana. These proceedings are relatively straightforward, with Louisiana courts just requiring a certified copy of the Will and probate order from another state.

If the decedent did not have a Will, the process is similar, but Louisiana intestacy laws apply to the property in Louisiana – so be sure to discuss how this might be different from your home state with your Field Law succession attorney.

With or without a Will, if the Louisiana land is under $125,000 in value, we can even handle the matter without court order – saving you time and money.

Contact Us For A Free Initial Consultation

Field Law is based in Baton Rouge, but we serve clients throughout Louisiana. We are also pleased to work with clients outside the state on matters related to Louisiana estate law and successions. To arrange a free consultation, call us at (225) 341-8221, or get started.