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Why Hire Us?
We Focus Solely On Estate Planning And Successions.

We exclusively center our attention on matters pertaining to estates and successions. We know the law inside and out.

Can’t come to us? Not a problem. We work with clients all across Louisiana and even across the country.

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A Detailed, Thorough Understanding Of Louisiana Law

You wouldn’t hire an ear, nose and throat doctor to treat a broken bone, right? So why would you hire a personal injury lawyer to draft your Louisiana will?

At Field Law in Baton Rouge, estate planning and successions are all we do. Many other lawyers advertise that they prepare wills or trusts along with other areas of law, like real estate or criminal defense.

The same goes for successions. Other attorneys may include successions at the bottom of their websites along with long lists of other areas. But most other attorneys who dabble in Louisiana estate law are unlikely to know this niche practice area well enough to avoid errors and mistakes that can and do cause major problems down the road for clients.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team knows Louisiana law, the rules, the successions process – you name it. For us, estate planning and successions is front and center.

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Help For Out-Of-State Relatives

If you live in Texas, and your mom, who lived in Louisiana, recently passed away, you are unlikely to know a Louisiana attorney who can help settle her affairs.

But that’s where we come in. Many people outside of Louisiana come to us for help with their loved one’s succession, probate and other matters.

At our firm, we use modern-day, secure technology and logistics for those who can’t simply swing by the office to visit or sign a document. Whether you live in Kentucky, Connecticut, California, Texas or any other state, we are here to help. We know the law and have assisted many others in similar situations.


Focusing On Your Goals And Your Desired Outcome

Estate planning and probate are often emotionally challenging topics to think about. At Field Law, we understand. No two families are the same. Our goal is focusing on your goals and your desired outcome.

We know that what was right for our last client may not be right for you.

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Serving clients in Louisiana and out-of-state relatives with estate planning and successions. 

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