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Starting And Ending With Your Partner

While important for everyone, same-sex or LGBT estate planning must ensure that your spouse or partner remains at the center of our focus during the estate planning process. Your spouse or partner is the one that will be dealing with the medical staff or bank during your illness, the one calling your financial adviser to request funds to cover your care and the one left to pick up the pieces when you pass away. Over the last few years, our laws have begun to level the playing field for same-sex couples however inherent prejudice – even is not malicious – can cause an extra hurdle for your spouse or partner in these situations.

The playing field is being leveled out in Louisiana by the courts and not by the legislative bodies. This means that many discriminatory laws – while unenforceable – remain on the books. There is also a fundamental hurdle that our LGBT clients face in they must explain their situation – or come out again – to everyone they must deal with in making important financial and medical decisions.

Your Children

Issues of custody for minor children between same-sex parents also can cause friction with our legal system. Many of our clients start with children having only one legal parent and must plan for the unexpected, even if they are working towards dual adoption. We work with our clients and their family law attorneys to ensure there are no cracks in the care plan and custody agreements in place for children of same-sex couples.

Safe Spaces

Our goal is to create a safe space for our clients to speak with their Field Law estate attorney. There should be no barriers for a client to express their goals to their attorney and we work hard to earn and keep your trust.

Name Changes

When our clients need a new name to reflect their identity or to represent their commitment to one another, we are here to help you with the legal name change. Your birth name should not hinder you from being your best self.

Focused Planning

Our LGBT estate planning clients want what all our clients want – peace of mind. Knowing your plan and knowing how the pieces fit together ensures bills are paid on time and your care does not suffer. However, when crafting same-sex estate plans, we pay particular attention to balancing potential conflicts between your spouse/partner, parents, siblings, children and the parties they will interact with. That is how we put you first.

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