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​Trusted Successions and Probate Attorneys

It seems there are rules and guidelines governing every aspect of life — including what happens when life comes to an end. If you have recently lost a loved one, it is difficult to think about legal matters during this time of grief.

At Field Law, our experienced and compassionate lawyers are ready to guide you through the entire succession, probate and asset transfer process as quickly and conveniently as possible.

We are here for you. That is why for uncontested successions, our work is typically done for an honest and transparent flat fee – meaning you don’t have to worry about surprise billing and you can take your time to discuss important issues with your Field Law succession attorney.

What Is a Succession and How Does It Work?

In Louisiana, the process of transferring of a loved one’s property and rights after death is  known as succession. It is the only legal way to transfer a person’s property after death — usually according to the terms specified in a Last Will and Testament, Probate Avoiding Trust and other legal documents.

Legal documents must be prepared to transfer assets after death. In many cases, pleadings must be filed in court and a Judge must authorize and approve many aspects of the succession. In other cases, your attorney can do all of the work.

Learn more about successions below:

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Small Successions

Trusts: Private Asset Transfer

Contests and Disputes

Out of State and Ancillary Successions

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