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What are the key areas of elder law? 

Elder law is a term that most people are familiar with. In a nutshell, it involves the legal rights and protections that people have as they get older. 

Nonetheless, the above definition is quite broad and it can be helpful to further break down the key areas of elder law. Outlined below are some important factors to consider. 

Elder law and estate planning 

One of the most important aspects of elder law is estate planning. Any adult can create an estate plan, but people often leave it until they get older. Even if someone has already drafted a will before reaching old age, this will and other estate planning documents need to be up to date. 

Elder law helps older people protect their assets and ensures that they go to the right people upon death. 

Elder law and healthcare needs 

People over the age of 65 can sign up for Medicare. Different plans offer more enhanced coverage and protections should an elderly person have a disability or health condition. Being able to navigate this area of the law effectively is a crucial aspect of elder law. 

Protection from abuse 

The best thing for many elderly individuals is to reside in a long-term care facility, or at least to have in-house assistance. Most people working in this field take their jobs very seriously and treat elderly individuals with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

Unfortunately, a minority of people working in this field choose to abuse elderly people. This can be physical, emotional or financial abuse. Elder law provides protections for those on the receiving end of abuse. 

If you have more questions about elder law, it will benefit you to seek further legal guidance.