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Planning for an Elderly Loved One

One of the most difficult moments in life is realizing that that your elderly loved one is losing their capacity to live an independent life. Their mind could be slipping or their body giving out. When this happens, they become dependent on those around them. In too many cases, those charged with their well-being end up taking advantage of their elderly wards. Avoid costly missteps and act now to protect your elderly loved ones before it’s too late.

There are steps that you can take together with your elderly loved one now to avoid these issues. Trust Field Law’s elder law attorneys to guide you through this difficult situation with honest and transparent flat fees for most cases.

Explore your options below:

Medicaid Planning for Long Term Care

Avoiding Probate with Trusts and Transfer on Death

Mandates, Powers of Attorney, Declarations and Living Wills

Advanced Directives for Healthcare

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