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Forced heirship in Louisiana

In Louisiana, a forced heir is a child of a deceased person who is entitled to a portion of the deceased person’s estate, regardless of the deceased person’s wishes. Under Louisiana law, certain children are considered forced heirs if they are under the age of 24 or if they are of any age and permanently disabled.

Forced heirs are entitled to a portion of their parent’s estate, regardless of whether the parent had a will. The portion of the estate that must be reserved for forced heirs depends on the number of forced heirs and the value of the estate.

The purpose of the forced heirship system in Louisiana is to protect children from being disinherited by their parents, particularly in cases where the child may be financially dependent on the parent. However, forced heirship can also make estate planning more complex, as it limits a person’s ability to distribute their assets as they see fit.

It is important for individuals in Louisiana to understand the forced heirship system and to work with a qualified estate planning attorney to ensure that their estate plan complies with Louisiana law and reflects their wishes.