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4 qualities to look for when choosing an executor

Estate planning is a crucial measure in life, as it protects your hard work and loved ones. You need to include different documents in your estate plan, and a will is among them. Creating a will allows you to state your wishes, but you need an executor to implement them.

Here are some of the things you need them to be:

1. Trustworthy

Due to the criticality of their duties, you need to appoint a trustworthy executor, be it a family member or close friend. You should have trusted them in different situations before, in which they performed as needed.

2. Responsible

An executor needs to be dependable to ensure the distribution of assets happens smoothly. You can tell a responsible person by how they keep promises or honor their commitments. Someone who makes excuses or always blames others for their actions may not be the best choice for an executor.

3. Organized

Managing an estate and distributing it require organization.  An executor needs to find and submit a will to probate, notify interested parties, protect assets, pay debts and bills, file tax returns, observe court dates and so on. To perform these duties competently, one needs to be organized.

4. Fair

An executor needs to be fair. Besides observing your wishes, they may have to make other decisions on the estate. For this reason, you need to choose someone who can make unbiased decisions.

The primary and alternate executors of your will should have these qualities and more. Learn more about creating a will to avoid costly mistakes.