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When To Update Your Will, Trust Or Estate Plan

You should consider updating your Will, Trust or other estate planning documents when:

  • Someone in your document passes away or is incapacitated.
  • You have a new, spouse, child or family member you wish to include.
  • Your chosen agent, executor, or trustee has lost your confidence.
  • Something else changes, such as the size of your estate.
  • You want to make a change.

How To Update

If Field Law did not prepare your current Will, Trust or other estate planning documents, you can easily schedule a free consultation. During your consult, your estate planning attorney can quickly scan your document and discuss your desired changes. We can then prepare a proposal to move forward with next steps.

If you originally got your Will, Trust and other estate planning documents at Field Law, the process is easy. Many small changes can be made without an office visit and we can schedule you to sign in a business day or two. For larger changes, you can schedule a free consult with your attorney to discuss those changes and next steps.

Contact Us For A Free Initial Consultation

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