Don’t settle for a lawyer who knows a little bit about everything. Choose a lawyer with intricate knowledge of Louisiana estate and successions law.

When You Aren’t In Louisiana, We’re Here For You

When a loved one passes away while living in Louisiana, but you live out of state, what do you do? You can’t ask your neighbor for a referral. That’s where we come in.

Assistance Helping Out-Of-State Relatives With Estate Planning And Successions

At Field Law, an estate and successions (probate) law practice in Baton Rouge, we have helped clients from around the country and even from across the globe settle estates in Louisiana. Unlike other states, Louisiana law is very different and complex. We know the law relating to estates and successions – it’s all we do.

Most everything can be handled electronically, over the phone and through Zoom, email and mail so our out-of-state clients do not need to travel to our office. Regardless of which parish your loved one resided or resides, we can help.

Ancillary Successions For Louisiana Real Estate

What if your loved one lived elsewhere but owned real property in Louisiana? In that case, their estate will have to go through an ancillary succession (probate) process in Louisiana courts, even though the rest of their estate is probated elsewhere.

We have helped clients from across the country file ancillary successions to transfer or sell land or real estate in Louisiana. These proceedings are relatively straightforward, with Louisiana courts typically only requiring a certified copy of the will and probate order from another state.

If your loved one didn’t have a will, the process will be similar but somewhat more complex. Louisiana intestacy laws will apply to the in-state property, dictating to whom the property should be transferred. An important thing to know is that Louisiana intestacy laws might result in a different outcome than your loved one’s home state laws. Our lawyer can advise you if there are any meaningful differences.

With or without a will, if the Louisiana property is under $125,000 in value, we can even handle the matter without court order – saving you time and money.

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If you live out of state and are in need of a trusted Louisiana attorney to help with your loved one’s estate, let us help. Reach out to our firm to learn more about us and how we have helped others in similar circumstances.

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