Don’t settle for a lawyer who knows a little bit about everything. Choose a lawyer with intricate knowledge of Louisiana estate and successions law.

Successions Litigation

While a death in the family can bring everyone closer together, it can also have the opposite effect. Grief and stress can exacerbate already complex relationships, and some families end up fighting over inheritances, heirlooms and other aspects of the estate.

Skilled, Experienced Succession Litigation Attorneys

Whether you need to pursue successions litigation or defend against a claim filed by someone else, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer. At Field Law, our estate law attorneys have the skills and experience to vigorously defend your interests in litigation related to a loved one’s estate. Here are some examples of common claims:

  • Contesting a Will
  • Will disputes alleging undue influence or fraud
  • Beneficiary rights disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Petition to compel return of property to estate or trust
  • Petition to remove an executor or trustee
  • Trustee failure to account

Why Field Law Is The Right Choice

If a legal battle lasts too long, it can drain the very estate assets that are at issue in the litigation. We want to help you resolve your legal issue as quickly and as favorably as possible, but that doesn’t mean we always try to settle. Instead, we judge each case on its own merits, and we confer with clients to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Through it all, you can rest assured that we are always striving to serve your short-term and long-term best interests.

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