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A Louisiana Estate Plan That Fits Your Vision

Each of us wants control over our medical care, retirement arrangements and the fate of our hard-earned assets. Right now, you have full autonomy over these matters. But in the future, you may not, if you do not have such wishes in writing.

In the case of death or incapacity, decisions about your estate, your medical care and your legal affairs will be left to someone else – which is why you need an estate plan in place.

Help During Each Stage Of The Process

At Field Law, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we provide guidance on all aspects of estate planning. We’re committed to creating a uniquely tailored plan for you and your family that addresses your needs and vision. Working with us means an open, collaborative process focused on answering your questions and addressing your concerns at each step of the way.

Estate Planning Is About More Than Just Property

A well-crafted estate plan will address not only your wishes regarding property, but also your decisions regarding:

  • End-of-life care and medical treatment (through a living will)
  • Disposition of your body (for example, burial or cremation)
  • Guardian designations for your minor children
  • Trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf (through powers of attorney)
  • Addressing blended families in a way that minimizes the risk of disputes
  • Providing for your pets and any charitable causes you’re passionate about
  • Establishing a succession plan for your business, if applicable

We can help you put the right documents in place to effectuate those decisions, like a will, trust or other legal document.

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