Don’t settle for a lawyer who knows a little bit about everything. Choose a lawyer with intricate knowledge of Louisiana estate and successions law.

Louisiana Law

Louisiana law does not recognize common law marriage or domestic partners for any part of the estate planning or succession/probate process. Therefore, it is vital that if you are in a committed relationship but do are not legally married, you have a concrete estate plan in place.

Focusing On Your Partner

Depending on your situation, your Field Law estate planning attorney can create a solid plan to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that you get to determine how your partner is treated instead of the default laws of our state.

Our unmarried couple estate planning clients come from every walk of life. We want to review relevant laws while working with you to make decisions regarding inheritance, transfer of rights and obligations, for care during incapacitation and balancing your children’s rights with those of your partner.

One of our most common requests is ensuring that a partner has the right to remain in the couple’s home after a death. This is critical and we can ensure your partner has the right to stay in the home, even if you want your children or others to inherit it later.

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